Problem with status bar, help please!

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  • Hi there!

    I have a problem with the status bar when I play my game on my phone. Usually it's hidden but sometimes it pops up and I can't understand why? Another weird problem I have, but not as often, is that there is like a black rectangle in the bottom of the screen and I don't understand why that is? It doesn't happen nearly as often as the status bar though. I have a Samsung Glaxy phone and I've noticed that when I press the button with two rectangles (all programs that are open) and then click on the game, the status bar disappears.

    This is the third time I've asked for help in a short while and I apologize for that.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tommy /

  • No one knows?

  • Sorry guys but I will try this one last time and if no one answers then I assume it's because there is no solution to this problem.

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  • Here we go again even though I said that I would give up. I was thinking, maybe it's because my phone is so old? I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 so I can't update to the latest version of Android. Could that be it?

    I would be beyond grateful if someone could help me out because I bought the Construct 3 license so I didn't have to use a third party to build an APK, otherwise I could have just continued using Construct 2.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tommy /

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