PROBLEM Sharing Screenshot along with Title and URL - Cant have it all ?

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  • I am testing the Share Screenshot function, taken from the C3 example project, it is kinda working alright, but the final result is either just sharing the Screenshot OR the given Title, and I would like to share it all, the Screenshot + Text + URL. This is what I am doing:

    So If I click share on facebook, most of the times it will load just the image (screenshot taken) and sometime just the text alone. On Instagram Direct, it never shares the image, but on stories and feed it gets the image only.

    How can I make sure everything I set will be shared, so it all makes sense for users?

    Also, sometimes when sharing a new screenshot, if the app (facebook, instagram, etc) is already open, it will keep the first image taken in memory, instead of sharing the one just taken. How can I make sure the plugin overrides a screenshot just taken and delete the one shared before in the same play session?

    Thak you,


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  • anyone?

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