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  • I have a problem with peer connection when peers are on the web and not in a local network.

    Multiplayer plugin works well when all the players are on the same internal network, but if they are scattered around the web the peers cannot connect to the host even if they are logged properly and are in the same room as the host.

    There are some posts that highlight the problem but without a solution.

    Now I would like to understand if there is a way to remedy the problem, in the official documentation I found no trace of it, indeed it would be appropriate for Scirra to highlight the thing, before you get it done and then having to change everything to the finished product.

    Yes the game is ready but in multiplayer it's not going.

    Questions: if I have to use WebSocket do I have to change all the messages between the various objects / players? If it means starting from 50% of the game: terrible !!!

    Give me a suggestion, please


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  • Hello

    first of all thanks for the tip, but I connect from networks without 4G or cellular, from conputer behind standard modem / router provided by the manager of the line. The game for now is only for desktop PCs, later we will also make the version for mobile devices.

    I also suspected that the problem was NAT, but I already have a Scirra signaling server installed on a VPS server, do I have to pair a TURN server and find documentation about it?

    Thank you


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