Problem on load external images files (Exported android cordova)

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  • Hi Guys, i have build game where some sprite loads images on the top left section ("Files"), i put some folder to distinguish.

    During preview they work fine, i just call the Load from Uri, writing on code "name.png".

    But yesterday i decided to export the project via Cordova, and build with Android Studio a debug APK, all works fine except the load of external images.

    That's weird cause i used json file, put always on "Files", and it loads the data.

    Someone knows what i'm missing?

    P.S. I have noticed that external images (that are used for load) haven't a folder like the normal sprites with "images" folder.

    The only 2 things i think i could wrong are: put external images on a folder or a plugin is required to allow the load.

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