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  • Hi there,

    I came across a problem I've never experienced before today. I have an object with Sine behavior and Jump-Thru. When the players jumps a couple of times on the Jump-Thru, he falls down. Take a look at the video below.

    Maybe Jump-Thru and Sine doesn't work well together? I've never had this problem before though.

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    Thanks in advance,


    Edit: I can also add that I created a completely new project with just 3 object. Floor (Solid), Player (Platform) and Elevator (Sine + Jump-Thru) and the problem still occurs.

  • Interesting, maybe post it as a bug. As a workaround you could mimic the sine behaviour by adjusting the object's Y with 2 end points and see if there is a problem with the jump thru on its own.

  • First of all, thanks a lot for trying to help me out. I really appreciate it.

    I assume that the problem is that the player and the sine don't move 1 pixel at a time so if the player fall down for example 5 pixels and the sine go up 5 pixels, the player sometimes end up lower than the sine. Sorry, I can't explain better than that hehe :p The problem is only when the sine is going up, not down.

    I created an object and pinned it to the sine and change the sine from jump-thru to solid. When the player overlaps the object I created, the solid is enabled and when the player doesn't overlap the object the solid is disabled. Take a look at the video below. The object will of course be invisible.

    I wish I could find a better solution than this though but it works for now.

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  • Nice I like that workaround too!

  • Yeah, it worked pretty well but it wasn't perfect. Especially since I want to have several sine-objects in the level. I came up with another solution and it has worked perfectly so far. Player is overlapping sine-object at offset and then enable/disable the solid behavior.

  • EDIT: just realised already suggested this

    Looks like a bug to me. Have you tried doing it without using the sine behaviour? You could just lerp the Y position of the platform and achieve the same result. Then you could see if the problem persists.

    I'd use:

    If platform.Y is at lowerlevel.Y

    --Set Y lerp(lower.y,higher.y,dt*whatever)

    If platform.Y is at higherlevel.Y

    --Set Y lerp(higher.y,lower.y,dt*whatever)

    If this works correctly with the jump through behaviour you won't need to use your workaround.

  • calminthenight - My second solution with overlapping at offset works great so I'll stick to it for now but thank you for helping me out, I really appreciate it.

    It only occurs when the player is falling down and the sine-object is going up. If an object with the jump-thru behavior isn't moving up, it doesn't happen.

    Thanks again :)

  • Hello Tibolli

    I use Construct 3 and I think I have exactly same problem with my game.

    When jumping on moving platform (jump through + sine) from time to time player is falling down through the platform.

    Thank you for posting your solution. I understand that you have added to moving platform a solid behavior. The solid behavior is activated when player is overlapping that sine moving platform?

    I wonder can you share your solution with more details? Is there a trigger? What is the offset value?

    Or perhaps you could share a file with your solution or print screen? I would really appreciate that. Thanks in advance!

  • Onix Games - Sorry for a late reply, I didn't see your comment. None of my solutions worked perfectly. They worked most of the time but there were issues so I just filed a bug report. Hopefully they fix the problem so we don't have to create workarounds that only works most of the time instead of all the time.

  • Oh, that is great that you did that. Quite possible they fixed that, beacuse it seems that jumping on moving platforms works just fine now.

  • No, it's not fixed and Ashley told me it can't be fixed.

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