Problem With Exit Repeat Loop

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  • I have the following repeat loop in an event sheet, and I want to be able to exit the loop arbitrarily. I figured by setting the value of the global allowLoop variable to 0 that the loop would stop running, but it doesn't. I even added a button in the layout to manually set the allowLoop variable to 0, and verified the zero value when clicking the button. What am I missing?

  • This generates 100 Wait threads immediately, all timing out at the calculated time. Use the Timer behaviour to do what you want. You have complete control on stop/starting a Timer. You have no control over Wait.

  • Thanks for the explanation. If I understand how a timer would work (it's quite possible I don't), I'd need to move the action outside of the function it currently sits in, so it falls in the topmost flow of the event sheet, and enable/disable triggering of the action using the allowLoop variable. Is that right?

    In any event, I wound up using (what I believe is) a recursive function with a timed delay since it's something I can explicitly call at any time. Seems to work OK.

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  • Hello netdzynr,

    You can do it like this:

    If you want a flexible Timer, set it to "Once", enable the the last action and put a variable in it.

  • Thank you kriand, this is really helpful. I'm not new to programming, but I'm still quite new to Construct and need to figure out all the Construct ways of coding.

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