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  • When I touch the screen (in touch event), an object starts to move to the coordinates of where the player touches the screen -> Player: MoveTo: Move to (Touch.X, Touch.Y) (Direct) . When the player releases the touch I would like the object to stop using its deceleration properties. In the "is not in touch" event I tried to insert -> Player: Stop MoveTo, but in this way the object stops immediately without calculating the deceleration value.

    Can anyone tell me how to solve this? I would like to find a way to make the object farm using the behavior deceleration effect when the player releases the touch.

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  • MoveTo is not a good choice for this. It's supposed to move to a specific position, not slow down and stop mid way.

    I suggest using a different behavior, for example Car.

    With MoveTo you can try reducing speed with an event running on every tick:

    Touch is Not in touch
    Player MoveTo Set speed to (self.MoveTo.speed*0.95)
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