Problem with collisions uphill [Solved]

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  • Struggling to figure out a way to make collisions when player is walking uphill work.

    I have also tried different variations of collision on Player including a square, these are the current settings:

    This video demonstrates the problem:

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    If anyone has some fresh ideas it would help tremendously.


  • Try experimenting with different collision polygon shapes.

    For example, in one of the games with lots of slopes I'm using this polygon (the character is facing right here):

    Also, make sure you move your character only using Platform actions. If you change its position directly or with other behaviors, this can mess with Platform's collision handling.

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  • Thanks for the reply. I tried yours, matching the angle of the sloped block, fully round ragdoll and countless more, nothing seems to have any better impact and I'm using only Platform vectors to move it, moving it with default arrow controls also makes no difference, so it isn't the that. I'm just confused

    Edit: There were a lot of collision overlaps, apparently that caused the problem and having collision space between the blocks makes it not work properly.

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