Problem with AJAX "post to url"

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  • I need to send some data to my database. for that I use ajax and php, and "post to url".

    However, it is not sent and I do not know the reason, since I have done it in construct 2 without problems, but in construct 3 that changed and I don't know what the problem is.

    I have it complete as follows:

    TAG: "Send"

    URL: ""

    DATA: "name ="&varName&"mail="&varMail&"pass="&varPass


    I also want to clarify that my php files are perfectly since I have tried it from another place and it works. The problem arises in construct3 ...


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  • This doesn't look right:

    DATA: "name ="&varName&"mail="&varMail&"pass="&varPass

    It will produce a string like this:

    "name =Johnmail=john1990@gmail.compass=qwe123"

    Try changing it to this:

    DATA: "name="&varName&"&mail="&varMail&"&pass="&varPass

  • Is that how it works.

    In construct 2 the syntax was different.

  • No, it's a mistake in your expression. Url parameters need to be separated by & character. Which needs to be inside the quotation marks.

    DATA: "name=" & varName & "&mail=" & varMail & "&pass=" & varPass

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