How do I prevent sprites from resetting behaviors when being created?

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  • Hey everyone,

    Thanks to anyone who has the time to help me out here. Just for some background;

    I'm trying to make a top-down shooter game and the enemies are being spawned in random intervals. After being created, they should be generating a path to the player and moving along the path.

    It is working as intended when I place them manually into the level, but fails when thye're getting created as a new entity. The pathfinding behavior seems to be resetting to it's values sprites get when you're adding the behavior the first time, like a complete factory reset as to say.

    Thanks again to anyone reading this.

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  • When they're created they take the values from the instance in the layout with the lowest UID, the oldest one you created.

  • If you need them to have specific values you can set them directly after the action that creates them

  • Thanks to both of you! I had a copy of that original entity stored somewhere in another layout, now everything works just as intended!

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