How do I prevent the sound to turn off?

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  • For a while (2 years), I have been looking for a way to solve this issue. For example, one of my users plays one of my apps and then lets the device go to sleep for some odd reason. If the user then waits a couple of minutes before waking up the device, the sound in the app is completely turned off.

    Is anyone else encountering this issue? What have you done to prevent this from happening?

    My apps are made for children, and as I have been told, the issue occurs when the child is playing and then perhaps gets distracted by something else and then decides to start playing again after a couple of minutes.

    Shutting down the app and then starting it again gets the sound back.

  • Add some events for 'on resumed' to restart the audio and test on a local apk, see if it helps.

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  • This didn't solve my issue. I did however report a bug report now to see if this can be investigated more.

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