How do I prevent C3 from modifying pixel art colors?

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  • Not sure how to describe this one. But I'm working with a really limited color palette (4 colors) and when I import art for sprites or tilesets etc C3 does... Something? To the colors? It shifts them or compresses them or something?

    Here you can see it with the brown shade:

    How can I prevent C3 from editing my colors when I import the images?

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  • Okay I have an update. If you upload/import a PNG or a JPG, C3 seems to compress the images. But if you use GIF, it doesn't seem to affect the image colors. At least in the small test I did, the brown shade I'm using isn't shifting to another shade.

    I think I'll report this as a bug.

  • This might be a bit of weirdness between C3 and your art software. I believe Photoshop and Chrome may have their own separate colour profiles for example (this definitely wouldn't be the first time colours have looked slightly different inside or outside of Adobe software).

    You may want to look into the colour profiles used by your pixel art software and whichever browser you're running C3 in - this may not be C3's fault (?).

  • Could be, though I tried with two different art programs (aseprite and photopea) and imported PNGs from those programs to two other engines (Gamemaker studio 2 and Gdevelop) and neither scenario produced weird PNGs.

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