Preloader is not working ?

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  • Hi All,

    I've tried to make a preload using it's dedicated Layout and Event.

    I did make sure it is the default first loading layout on the project properties.

    When testing, I get black screen... after few seconds it goes to the layout I want.

    but it won't show the actual Preload Layout and it's percentage progress or any of the graphics.

    Preloader Layout, very simple for testing:

    I also compiled a non-compressed NWJS.exe version (for the first time) just to run it and see if it acts the same, just in case... and yeah, the black screen is there.

    Also, NWJS ignore the Start layout with Fullscreen, it starts on a window while in C3 it works fine.

    Any help will be appreciated, Thanks ahead! :)

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  • Disable "Go to L_Workspace" action, run the project in debug mode and investigate what's going on in that black screen - layout name, is there any text in the text object, are the text and progress bar visible, their screen coordinates, layer visibility/opacity and so on.

    And of course (you probably know this) you need to preview/debug the project, not layout. Press Ctrl-F4, not Ctrl-F5

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