How do I preload sounds and music correctly on Web(HTML)?

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  • Hi all!

    I have developed a Piano tiles game, however, I am having troubles to make it work with slow internet connections.

    My problem is that the game either takes forever to load (if pre-load sounds is selected), this could be caused by having 300+ small sound files on the project.

    This is what I've tried so far:


    Pre-loading all the sounds with the option "Preload sounds" on the project settings. This makes the game take forever to load on slower connections, the reason might be that I have 300+ small sound files.

    Everything else works properly.

    Link to game;


    I've tried to pre-load only the sounds of specific songs after they are selected, using a custom loading screen to wait until the preload is complete.

    However, preloading the sounds doesn't seem to work at all, they act with the same delay as if they were never pre-loaded. Also, the "All Preloads complete" condition doesn't seem to be working for me.

    No links on this one since it's not working at all. This is how I tried it;


    Tried to "Play" all sounds at -300db during the "Loading" screen, then restart the layout. This seems to be working but it's very inconsistent, if the sounds don't play fast enough, they will produce a sound with a big delay after the layout is restarted.

    Here is the example for this one;

    As I mentioned this is very inconsistent and sometimes won't load all the sounds or it will create a big delay between the background music and the keys when starting the level.

    Any suggestions or tips would be highly appreciated!

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  • Sorry for the double post, can't find an option to edit.

    What is the fastest format for sounds on Construct 3? I was using 16-bit WAV and they seem to be converted to WEBM when importing to Construct 3

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