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  • Hello.

    I'm making a life simulation game.

    There are randomly generated sprites in the layouts in the game. These sprites have variables. These sprites represent people. Every sprite is a different person.

    The player can click these sprites and add them as friends. I want the added sprite to spawn in my layout named relations.

    I know that we cannot send objects to different layouts. I know it can be done with variables. But the problem is ... You can add more than one person as a friend without going to the Relationship page. And I don't know how many people to add.

    I wanted to save this information with array and then list it in the layout I want. But it didn't work. Because there are more than 3 variables that I have to keep. Like that person's hair color, age, name ...

    I'm waiting for help.

    Sorry for my bad english

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  • You could make one event sheet manage both layouts, so you can easily store and reference the data for each person.

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