Possible to read data from a json file stored online?

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  • Hi I am creating a devotional app and I have the data stored online in both csv & json format.

    I am wondering if its possible with C3 to read the data from the files online.

    I have searched forum and could only find a plugin which does not seem to work.


  • It is possible - request the file with AJAX, then feed it into JSON object.

    You can do the same with CSV, load it into CSV object (will need need to install CSV addon) or text variable.

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  • Hi thanks. Actually I just found an easy way out with json since I was finding it hard to convert my csv to json due to the number of commas I have in each text line since I have over a thousand lines of texts.

    I just created an array file in C3 and copied and pasted all the text into it and downloaded the file and uploaded it online since that already generates the json version hence saving me from doing complex conversion.

    Now I just need to try and read each data as needed.

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