Is It Possible To Do This Mechanism With The Enemy ?

  • Hello everybody,

    I do not know if what I want to do is possible, if it is possible I would like to know how I can make the enemy be my enemy but also enemy between them, that the enemy do not follow me only me, in fact I would like it is everyone to be , may the enemy follow me and follow each other. Let each enemy seek to collide with me or another enemy. Thank you so much for your help.

    I'm sorry if you don't understand me well, I'm very bad at English. I will do my best to explain to you what mechanism of the game I would like to have with my enemy. I want to create a top down game in 2D, in the game there is me against the enemy, but in the game I want it to be everyone for either, that my enemy is enemy also between had, I want to create the mechanism that the enemy pursue me not only me but also between Them.

  • I would suggest families using instance variables to distinguish the player from everything else.

    object variable =0, attack family

    Player is some other value than 0

  • I'm sorry as I'm bad in English I can't quite understand your explanation, is what you can explain to me with an example c3p file? Thank you for your help

  • Please I need a lot of help to better understand the explanation, I will be grateful to help me, as I am bad in English I understand mieu with a c3p . Thank you for your help

  • Can you post a video of a game that uses this mechanism?

  • I have no video but my project is to make a top down Battle Royal game, a game that has no team and it's every character are enemy

  • Search for some footage of a game that does what you're asking here, otherwise it will be hard to get clearly what you want

  • Gets pretty close to my project idea, I want as in the game that each character is enemy

  • there is no one to help me? Please I'm blocking

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  • Put all objects that can be "followed" in to a family called "Followable" or something

    So you'd have




    Now just have the NPC choose a random "Followable" object to follow. The NPC will choose from the list of Followables, so it might choose the player or another NPC

  • Thank you very much to you, thanks to you I will be able to make my project a reality

  • No problem, let me know if you have any more questions!

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