Is it possible to get the full JSON state of the Advanced Random plugin?

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  • I'm running into a situation where loading the full state of a game does not include the state of the advanced random plugin. If this is the case, I need a way to save the probability tables within the advanced random plugin so that I can restore it's state.

  • Already ran in to this. You would have to reinitialize the tables at the start of the layout. If you're worried about the state as it was when it was saved you could maybe use the seed, and advance the index via a saved variable.

    Not sure if its qualifies as a bug, but a feature request for sure.

  • Thanks for the rapid response newt, that's unfortunate but expected.

  • I forgot to mention that you can save the table as json, but its just the table, so its not much different than creating it from scratch.

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  • I believe you are referring to the individual tables within the advanced random plugin?

    If so, yes, my advanced random table has hundreds of probability tables so I was trying to avoid that, but it seems I'll have to:

    1. Whenever a probability table is created or altered, save a key value pair in a dictionary.

    2. When loading a game, loop through that dictionary to restore the state of the advanced random plug-in.

  • Yeah, technically the dictionary should be saved, and you can load them that way.

    Way better idea than populating with events.

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