Is it possible to create this kind of Movement Physics?

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  • How is this kind of Character Movement Physics accomplishable? (Game in video was made in Unity)

    I've tried jolting all the body parts together and then applying a constant small uplift force, but the legs keep spreading and the character keeps turning around on his head. I've adjusted the densities and forces, but I can't just make it work, and I am not sure how I would make the character move, even if I got this right.

    Can anyone give me some direction please?

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  • Perhaps make the legs and arms connected by a limited joint, so it doesn't turn 360 degrees and for jumping perhaps use impulse at the center of the torso instead of force?

    Did you have a look at the ragdoll template?

  • It is still not going to work with a limited joint, since the legs will still try and to the same thing and get held at the maximum limited angle set. That could maybe work if I lerp the legs back to their initial angle and maybe each other body part over a certain amount/second, so that is a good idea. Now, the leg movement will rather be a bit more complicated. I'll have to figure something out. Hope someone one the forum has a good idea willing to share for that :/

    -Yeah, I will probably use impulse for jumping and yes I went though the ragdoll template and all the physics documentation explained by Ashley.

    Thanks for replying mumu64!

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