Is it possible to use Construct editor full screen in silk browser? Kindle Fire HD 10 2017

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  • Hi,

    The latest version of the Silk Browser on Kindles needs a tiny bit of scrolling play to trigger the full screen, so scroll down a little bit and it disappears. The Construct editor is completely static so this never happens.

    Does anyone know of a work around for this?



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  • In case anyone else comes across this the answer is you can't force it by the browser but if you go in the construct editor itself to Menu -> View -> Go Fullscreen , that works fine :)

  • those kindle fire have other browser then silk browser? if the answer is yes. then probably majority of people are using Chrome even on Kindle Fire, in this case i wouldn't worry about it.

    However if is must be done, then try exporting your game/app/website with a fullscreen mode Outer Scale. that way your game will fill the container its in. ! Important notice, the objects inside ur website at that point will be a bit larger and their position will be looking like is not where it should be thats because you have to adjust them based on the new fullscreen mode, or create a div that fits the entire website but restricts the construct app to sit at a surtain screen ratio.

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