Is it possible to change function type, e.g No return value to a return value?

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  • I've come across this a few times with functions and haven't found a good way of fixing it, other than to manually copy the whole thing over. I have quite a large function which I thought would require a return value, but realised later that it didn't. I want to change it to not require a return value but I don't know how.

    And just to add, I tried removing any calls to the function but it still doesn't want to let me change it. If I'm forced to change it manually, is there a better way other than line by line copying it?

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  • You probably have this function called in some expression. Once you remove all references to this function from other events, you should be able to double-click it and change Return type to None.

  • Hmmm, interestingly, it does work but not if you just disable the comment, which is why I thought this wouldn't work. Removing the reference completely did allow me to change it.

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