Possible Bug in SpeechRecognition ?

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  • Hi there,

    I have a small project where I use the SpeechRecognition Plugin and on the start of the project ( on the login screen) I check if SpeechRecognition is supported.

    Now, on Chromes as well as Edge and Firefox this returns "Mic is working".

    So what I then do ingame is, I check the SpeechRecognitionResult against a string to see if they match.

    However, the outcome are compleatly different, depending on the browser:

    Chrome: If SpeechRecogntion == Result -> Yay, they match.

    Edge: If SpeechRecogntion == Result -> I am sorry they don't match.

    Firefox: Never returns any result at all.

    So, it looks like Edge is reversing the result and Firefox always returns a blank.

    My question is:

    Am I doing something worng in the intial check?

    I would really like to have a valid check wetaher or not the browser is capable of using SpeechRecognition, as intended.

    Best Wishes


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