How do I position a sprite in the center of the screen region?

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  • hi, forgive the noob question but

    sounds simple cant find the answer anywhere here or in videos... so probably i am asking google the wrong way.

    in c2 we have this "window" region. lets say is 1920x1080

    i want to position a sprite in the center of it, and lets say the sprite the dimensions of 250 x 100.

    whats the easiest way to do that?

    thanks in advance.

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  • it happened search for results you make a post... you search again and find something that worked! damn it.

    for any other poor soles out there



    now why the name "scroll" will give you the center and who decided to not mention that in the documentation is beyond my understanding.

  • Was it your player that had to be centered? I am not sure you really want to use Scroll X/Y - that centers your camera on the object.

    'Set X' to 'ViewportWidth(0)/2' and 'Set Y' to 'ViewportHeight(0)/2'

    That will center you sprite to your screen. The (0) is the layer number I guess.

  • thanks for the tip, but no it was not my "player"

    i just wanted to show a sprite with some nice graphics when you WIN the level or when you LOSE.

    just show the sprite in the center of the screen. i don't know if there is another way to a "message" like that :)

  • Ah, ok. Well there is lot of different ways to do what you want to achieve.

    I would make a layer on top of all the other layers and turn the visibility on and off when you need to show the message (text/sprite/whatever). You can have a lot of different message layers like that.

    Btw, I forgot to mention in the last post that your pivot point on your Sprite has to be centered too.

  • if i was using layers, doesn't that mean that i must have all my dialog sprites already preCenter from the designer?

    but yeah i guess if i have a lot or i know exactly where they should be layers is a good organized idea.

    but for now i just had this 2. Thanks a lot for the tip will put into good use!

  • I think this is easy to incorporate if you are new to all of this. Glad I could help.

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