Porblems to save Project: Unknown error while saving. HELP

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  • Hello best community in the world!

    I need help again:

    I have several problems with Construct 3:

    - The preview mode is unstable and sometimes jerky

    - sometimes I can not start the project preview: Unknown error. or I cant save the project. unknown error.

    How is that possible? This makes working a lot harder for me and its not fun if my new things are not saved and they all have to be redone. las tweek I didnt had problems like this. Tody my project is bigger but that cant be the reason... :(

    maybe bad internet connection?

    Please help me :(((

  • One thing that causes this is you having multiple Google accounts and you're currently logged into a different one, in which your project file doesn't exist. If that's the case go: Menu -> Project -> Save as -> Cloud Save. Here you can now logout from the account and log into a different account where your project is actually saved.

    p.s. you have a little typo in your post title

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  • thanks, But that did not work. However, the following apparently worked: I deleted my browser data. Whenever I do that, everything runs smoothly again. there are quite a few 370 MB or so sometimes stored in Google Chrome. (My project is only 72MB.) I think that's not the best solution ... hm. but works.

  • Press F12, are any further errors in the browser console?

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