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  • Hello I'm currently making a pong game,and I have a few question that I'm hoping I can get some help with.

    How do I make the ball more accuracy when bouncing of the paddle,I watched the tutorials available but all have the same execution,i want the ball to bounce left if the ball bounces of the left side of the paddle and bounce right off the right side of the paddle,and straight if the ball bounce off the middle of the paddle.

    The other question is,the way I have the Ai paddle set up is not very intelligent,I have the 8 way movement set up and it follows the ball up and down,how do I make him faster to the ball.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Can you share a c3p?

  • how do i share it in the message part.not sure what to do

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  • Put the c3p on a cloud storage like google drive, dropbox etc, then share the hyperlink in the forum post.

  • Sorry for the late reply,any way that you can just explain your idea on my suggestions,Instead of me sharing the game

  • Check this tutorial:

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    It's Construct 2 but you can follow along perfectly in C3.

    For the paddle AI, if you use fake inputs, you have to factor in the x and y speeds of the ball in order to make the AI player react accordingly. This involves some math at some point.

    You can also just fake player reaction by just using the balls y position and then move the AI paddle with sometimes accurate, sometimes inaccurate y speed.

  • Thanks for sharing,this is really helpful to me.

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