Is png alpha channel supported as a solid?

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  • Probably easier if I show pictures — if I have a racetrack like the first picture, a png with transparent background, then a reversed out version - second picture - to be the solid, the car doesn't move at all.

    Would this be because Construct3 (or 2) doesn't support the alpha channel and treats the whole thing as a solid, or am I doing something wrong?

    Many thanks

  • Like in Construct 2, a collision polygon is what determines the surface of collision, not the texture itself.

  • stock collision is a square, so your vehincle might just be getting can crop your image in image editor to minimize said square, also in your toolbar, the button that looks like a snake, (-o-o-o ) (may have to resize editor window to see, under image point) will allow you to set custom collision polygons. if your vehicle still doesnt move, try not making your course solid, but putting invisible solid sprites where walls would be.

  • Thanks for the replies — makes perfect sense. I've done it with squares, and was fine, but looked a little messy (even though the player never sees that view) so was looking for a way to make it neater and easier to create than use multiple blocks

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  • understandable. but thats the magic of videogames. smoke and mirrors. lots an lots and lots of smoke and mirrors. :]

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