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  • So, I opened a previous project from Dec 2020. Updated it to the current stable version.

    Every time I try to preview it the same message appears > Please wait, loading...

    After it, the preview does not load at all. At the opening of the debug, the project percent remains at 0%.

    I tried to test the same with a small project, the same text message appeared, and eventually, it loaded the construct 3 default screen.

    I made a backup of my project and erased around 90% of the data. And it did preview it.

    But after optimizing the completed one into approachable standards, it still could not load and got stuck in the message.

    Is this eternal screen caused by having a project surpassing the free license?

    Or is it just Construct having a limit of data it cannot handle anymore?

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  • If preview does not load, press F12 and check the browser console for any error messages. It's difficult to help without that information.

  • Hmm I never thought I could get diagnose from the console.

    At testing it and comparing to other I get this error message.

    domSide.js:31 Uncaught (in promise) Error: [DOM] Component 'greenworks' already has handler 'load' at RuntimeInterface.AddRuntimeComponentMessageHandler (domSide.js:31) at GreenworksDOMHandler.AddRuntimeMessageHandler (domHandler.js:2) at GreenworksDOMHandler.AddRuntimeMessageHandlers (domHandler.js:3) at new GreenworksDOMHandler (6f14bcc4-f8ea-4140-8936-ce84e2f72297:1) at domSide.js:20 at (<anonymous>) at RuntimeInterface._InitDOM (domSide.js:20) at RuntimeInterface._Init (domSide.js:12)

    If it is the greenworks addon what's causing the trouble, uninstalling it from the project should do effect, right?

  • The error does seem to identify the Greenworks plugin, but I have no idea how that error could happen. Maybe somehow you installed two Greenworks plugins? That should not be possible.

  • Hmm, I tested uninstalling the addon, and in cases of 1 out of 3 did respond.

    So I assume it's actually part of trouble.

    However, if I had to uninstall the greenworks addon, what else could be used for steam achievments and leaderboards?

    At least the problem got quite fixed.

  • Lots of plugins broke a couple of updates ago. Try going to project properties > advanced > Scripts type and changing from module to classic.

  • That option is deprecated and will soon be removed. If you're using it, you need to contact the addon developer for an update. The only reason the option exists is to buy you a little more time to get the addon update before the option is removed.

  • How long until it's depreciated? Just wondering as a couple of my projects use Lite Tween over the standard tween, and Lite Tween I believe is a ported C2 plugin, so unlikely that it will ever get updated

  • Classic script mode is already deprecated. We announced the changes in November so there's already been several months for addon developers to respond and update their addons accordingly. Consequently I was planning to remove the option shortly after the next stable release.

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