please, I would like to know how I could improve the intelligence of the enemies??

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  • Hello, although I brought my family group enemies the behavior patchfinder and LOS, I find them not very clever, they just follow me stupidly, I would like to make them a little smarter, I would like them to use a little strategy to pursue me and trap me, the they do that follow me one behind the other. With what behavior, logic and more patchfinder and LOS I could add to improve their artificial intelligence? Thank you in advance for your great help because I am a real noob, I don't know what I can do at all.

  • Premium C2 super aI platformer - requires some custom plugins probably provided by the seller (there is probably a more extended one somewhere i just spent 1 minute searching the store and forum, didn't meant to plug the sale in there) can be converted to C3 c2runtime.

    C2 tutorial ai-jump and follow - should work with C3 also.

    and then there are this Extend AI platformer tutorials

    Have fun, take your time read and practice! You'll make it eventually :P!

  • Thanks for the tutorial, I'll look at it ready, my game is not a platform game, it's a more shooter style game seen from above, the platform tutorial can also work for my kind of game? On the other hand I don't think I'm going to buy a plugin, I'll do with the basic means. As I'm a noob I'll probably have a hard time but I'll read the tutorial well and do my best, thanks again for helping me.

  • The can that I just read and see on the video, I realize that it is not for my project style, in my project the enemies already have the behavior patchfinder and los, I think that the platform behavior will not go to my game, I look please make my enemies smarter but with the behaviors that are already assigned, and my game gets closer to shooter than platform game, it is not possible without additional plugin and with my behaviors that I have assigned to make them smarter?

  • it's possible without plugins also, but they will be very rudimentary or as complex as you make them by event_coding.

    For example if u want your enemy to chase you u just compare the distance from evemy.x to player.x and make enemy.x set to self.value + or - an amount that you want.

    for example

    C <: ifPlayer.X < Enemy.X

    (meaning the player is in left of the enemy)

    compare two variables

    C <: distance(enemy.x,0,player.x) =< 200 | A <: Enemy.SetX to Self.X - 5

    (meaning if the distance from enemy.x and player.x is equal or less than 200 pixels then the enemy will start moving towards left side from its current position by -5 pixels)

    and u do the same thing for the chasing enemy if is reversed by adding instead of subtracting and comparing ifPlayer.x > Enemy.X -- but don't change the distance =< 200 leave it the same.

    and that would be the follow ... then for shooting the player or jumping over obstacles you need more event_coding, but there are tutorials that are doing that without events, take your time, a good game is made in time! Have fun!

  • Thank you very much for all this explanation, it's true for me who has no notion of programming it seems complicated to me but I will go slowly and try to learn, the plugin makes it easier, right? With the plugin we can make an intelligence more push?

  • Hello, with what event condition or code to make my enemies use strategy, instead of following me directly, for example that the enemies surround me, I don't see how I could attribute this complex behavior to the enemy, if I have to code I know nothing about programming. I read tutorials, the manual but I found out how I could do so that the enemy would surround me. Thank you very much for your help.

  • I have been looking on the net for tutorials, examples or videos that could explain how I could make the enemies use cunning as I said it encircles me, example : that the enemies may try to surround me, to block me and prevent me from escaping, but I have nothing to find that could help me to give them this behavior, please, I am in a dead end, I need a lot of clarification on how to do it, a big thank you in advance for a great help.

  • You can look at the RTS example Construct has, the enemy Ai there kinda goes near the player and starts shooting at it if to close or in range.

    There is no way of defining a Ai behavior, there is only the event_programming which accumulates in a series of rules and actions the Ai would do... Ai is not actual Ai, but a set of rules we pre-program.

    It shouldn't be named Ai, but Pre-Programmed Behavior or simply a Blueprint.

    And that as i said above, is something you as a game developer have to come up with by yourself, i can do it for you but you wouldn't learn anything as you wouldn't understand what i did there.

    Please consider taking the tutorials i sent above in the links, and try see how they work, after you do that you will understand how to event_code a Blueprint yourself.

    Keep on learning.

  • Thanks I'll take your advice, I'll look at the RTS example, I'll try to understand and see how I could do it, ha okay it's not an artificial intelligence, I'll try to learn your tutos, I'll look for it but it's not winning for me, I'm very bad at programming, but hey I'll try. Now I'm creating my first prototype, I've never created a game before, so I'm not a game developer, I'm just a hobbyist.

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  • Yea, don't worry, is all about testing there is no wrong or good way in Construct, if it's working then is good if it doesn't well it doesn't.

    It's all about trying to understand the tool you are using, in this case Construct, learning how expressions work in Construct will make you understand how to combine them and creating a behavioral pattern for your enemy in game or player.

    We all started as hobbyists here, and some of us went to another level and to other languages, some stuck at hobist level.

    Just give it time and learn from the tutorials and example files available in the forum and community tutorials, it will soon come to you what you have to do.

    Have fun!

  • I'm a little lost in the construct 2 tutorials, I find it's not quite like construct 3, I'm starting to have my bearings on construct 3, so I'm a little confused by the construct 2 interface, I find it too bad there are a lot more tutos on construct 2 than construct 3, even the examples there's more on 2, if I learn the construct 2 tutorials instead of 3, I won't risk being lost? I have seen on videos that I have seen functions or menus on the 2 that I have not seen on the 3? Wouldn't it be better if I devoted myself to learning only on construct 3? I would like your opinion, thank you.

  • Construct 2 expressions are the same as Construct 3 expressions just some expressions in Construct 3 are newer but old ones from Construct 2 are still there. So it's ok, sure if you find Construct 3 tutorials would help better, but Construct 2 has been around for 10 years i think now if not even longer, so Construct 3 being built on the same similar expression system it won't hurt you learning Construct 2 expressions they are literally the same on event_conditions, Construct 3 might look different but it does the same thing using the same expressions and as i said above, with a couple new changes, but if you look close enough they are there.

  • Thank you, so I will learn the tutorials of construct 3 and construct 2.

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