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  • Hi! Please see the following scripts in XCode:

    I really need other scripts that I've seen other users generate on YT, and that I got to generate one time!

    These are the scripts!

    I got them to generate one time, and I'm not sure how, so I saved them, however, the screen was a different size then, so now whenever I copy and paste them into my project, it breaks the screen size, and everything looks a little bit off. How do I get my project to generate these scripts?!

    These are my settings...

    I've tried both xcode 12 and 13 settings, hiding and not hiding the status bar. I'm so confused! I keep running into bottle neck bugs and I'm so close to the finish line! Delays are killing me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

    My main question is why does it generate a bunch of scripts nicely for one project, and then just a few other times?

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