Some players lost their saves on Android

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  • Recently (simultaneously) some players lost all their progress in my Android game. I use system save/load. I didn't update the game for about a week. Did anyone else encounter something like this, and is there a way to fix this?

  • Also worth mentioning that the game is saved often and I use single save slot, but theoretically there shouldn't be a problem with that. Could an antivirus (or some cleaning tool) have caused this by deleting the data?

  • I released an update 3 days ago and some people claim they lost their saves.

    I could not reproduce it myself though so I don't know whats going on...

  • boulerzzz What ad networks do you use in your game? Do you use Enhance plugin?

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  • No I use only C3s own plugins. Only standard admob in this game (no mediation).

    It's worth noticing I did test on multiple devices and could not find any loss of saves but a few users did contact me about it. But I have not seen it myself.

  • Okay, I suspected that some broken ad could have caused this, since in my case it happened without me updating the game (around the same time as your issue), but it's unlikely to have happened because of the AdMob. So it should be some other external factor, maybe an update to some "garbage cleaning" tool or antivirus.

  • Perhaps you should check what Chrome version they are using, there is a known issues with Chrome 79 that it is causing data loss for WebViews. Apparently it migrates profile data to a new location, but due to poorly written tests they didn't realise that they also needed to move localstorage, indexeddb, etc. After the update the data is still in the old location, but Chrome looks in the new one and hence assumes there is no data. I imagine at that point most apps would assume that it's a new users and create new data. Here is the issue on the Chromium bug tracker, it's caused a fair bit of drama for obvious reasons. They appear to be taking it seriously, but it's a bit of an awkward situation because anyone who has experienced this problem now has 2 sets of conflicting data. So it's not clear which data to preserve.

    I believe they halted the rollout on Friday so it won't be affecting all users, but the estimate is around 10% got the update... All a bit of a mess really.

  • What a mess! Now this is going to be quite confusing for the affected users if the "new" save disappears and the "old" one returns. Thanks for informing us about this Nepeo!

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