How do I get player score from many different Google Play leaderboards in most efficient way?

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  • Hello,

    i am working with Google Play and my goal is to have on 3 leaderboard counter of times player won on each difficulty. So one leaderboard is for easy, one for medium and one for hard mode.

    To increment player score on certain leaderboard first i need to know prevoius (base) vale from leaderboard on certain difficulty. So to get score from all of leaboards on start of the game i implemented system that is working but i am not sure its very optimal. To be fair i was surprised that Google Play plugin doesnt have "RequestPlayersScore" function that would have leadboerad id as its parameter. Instead i had to use Request Hi-score in Window mode and 1 result (to get only players result).

    Here is my implementation. Do you see any room for improvement?

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