Player pixel art sprite jittering when using 8 direction behaviour controls.

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  • Hi, I'm worcking on a top-down action game that uses the 8 direction behaviour controls for movement. I have set it up in a way where when turning, it rotates in 45 degrees intervals. As such, at any time the player sprite is moving in a cross direction, this sprite starts to jitter. after some digging, I figured out that this issue is caused because the pixel art sprite that I'm using is too small.

    if for any instance I scale up the sprite in any way, this issue is solved where the jitter is no longer happening. The issue here is, if I scale up my player sprite, it no longer matches my 16 x 16 tilemap. Following is a screen recording of when this jittering is happening for your reference. please note that I'm new to construct 3. I have only been using it for the past few days. Hope someone will be able to help me figure this out.

  • The jitter artefacts are caused by one or more of these project settings:

    1) Nearest sampling

    2) Pixel rounding

    3) Full screen low quality

    While typical settings for pixel-art games, rotating sprites on runtime will produce these visuals. If you want to have cleaner sprites for a pixel art game, you need to draw them at their respective angles and then import them in Construct.

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  • Issue Fixed!! Thanks a lot :D

    I just had to uncheck Pixel rounding and set full-screen quality to high. :)

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