Player Hits solid Object and it acts like a wall, but can be

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  • Player Hits solid Object and it acts like a wall, but the same obj can be destroyed by another obj.

    Been awhile since I messed with Construct 2 so pardon the silly question.

    I want to have it where player1 runs into obj1 it acts like a wall or barrier. But obj1 can be destroyed by laser1. Seems like it should be easy but I think the only way I worked with things like this is using it as a solid...which I think then it cannot be destroyed with another collision command.



  • Far as I know you can make the wall solid, and test a collision with the laser and player.

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  • Solid objects can be destroyed. Your wall object will be solid to the player but as graham-s stated you can check for a collision between your wall and laser. If there is a collision you just destroy the wall. I have done this before with barrels (with solid behavior) that explode and are destroyed when shot.

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