How do I get "Player or CPU to win 2 rounds"?

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  • Hey, im trying to get the CPU and Player to get up to a certain point to win the "round". For example, player has to score 5 points to win the first round. I manage to actually get the CPU to win a round, and reset the score for both sides. However, it keeps resting every time it reaches the certain number that I have just to test play and won't let the other "rounds icon" to appear. The round won system is basically how the player wins the whole match and advance to the next game, but im stuck on this part. Any advice?

  • Hello! I think it would be helpful to post a screenshot of your event sheet so that we can see how you're coding it.

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  • for some reason it won't let me post a screenshot of it, every time i try to submit it, it keeps taking me to the "error page" and saying that "it aint not my fault, the construct engineering team will be on it right away".

  • I read your original post again, and I think I understand.

    So I think you said that you made the scores reset once a player reaches a certain score and you want it to stop doing that. I think you need to delete the event making it do that. (If you haven't already)

    Let me know if that helps.

  • I finally got it to submit, so the red highlight on the bottom is what makes it reset, if I delete it, it won't reset the scores anymore when the player wins the first round. However, I need it to reset once for both sides (CPU and Human players) so the score from last round won't carry over onto the second round . The red highlighted circling the "2" is the test score number. So every time the cpu or player scores "2" it will reset. The thing im trying to get it to do is reset it,but continue the game for the player or cpu to continue to win the second match. It's suppose to be a best 2 out of 3 round system. you have to WIN two rounds in order to win the match. But, Im stuck on getting it to do that. The way I got it set up is that once it cpu hits "2" the first time, the icon appears letting you know that it won the first match. However, when i try to let it win round 2, it don't show the icon and it literally keeps resetting score game, making it an infinite and impossible for the player or cpu to win. It just goes on forever. Now to sum this all up, im trying to make a BEST 2 out of 3 system for my game.

  • I think I see the problem; but its a little hard to explain with text. May I have the capx file to edit?


  • Thanks.

    So You want the score to go up to 10 and then it sets both scores to 0 and goes to the next round?

    if CPUpaddle score = 10 set round to 2 and set playerPaddle score and CPUpaddle score to 0.

    if playerPaddle score = 10 set round to 2 and set playerPaddle score and CPUpaddle score to 0.

    Does that help?

  • No problem. I look forward to the finished game!

  • "So You want the score to go up to 10 and then it sets both scores to 0 and goes to the next round?"

    Yes, but not up to 10. I got the number that I want it to go up to. I just need it to reset both scores once player or cpu wins the first round. And yes, go to the next round, both scores will be at zero, and not at 1st round's score.

    I will try this and see how it goes, i'll let you know if it works. Thanks for your help and assistance.

  • It doesn't work, however I will be modifying the win system into a 1 round game since i got the bases of that. Thanks you for your help tho.

  • you need to change the score from being = to 2 to greater or equal to 2. it might be that when a player or cpu gets a score added it adds 1 more extra so ur score passes nr 2... can be 3 4 or 2.1 so it won't work.

    swapping to greater or equal will probably solve ur issue if u use the screenshot condition with >= and same actions.

    also can we see where is the awarded pointing? is it under the set score to 2 ? if so that should be above it order of reading events in Construct has a specific sense.

  • Alright, I guess I wasn't clear enough on what I need help with, so I will post pictures of examples and explain as well of what I want to make happen. So the problem isn't about the Player or CPU scoring. I got the scoring part. However, the thing am stuck on is making it to the second round of the game. I got it to be 1 round, but I don't know how to make it a 2 round match/ 2 out of 3 game. I got it to reset if someone is to win the first round, but I don't know how exactly to set it up for the Player or CPU to WIN TWO rounds. IF you can please take a look more into my project of the game and test play it, you'll see on the bottom, there's 4 empty rounds icon boxes.Two on one side, two on the other side. I got 1 of the icons to appear for the CPU side, however I don't know how to actually get the "2nd icon box" for the cpu to appear. The scores will reset, tho the icon won't show, making it an infinite game of resisting over and over again. I can make it 1 out of 1, but I can't make it 2 out of 3.(I would truly and really like to go with the 2 out of 3 which is my main goal of trying to do.)

    EXAMPLE: Think of Mortal Kombat. Player has to win 2 rounds in order to win the whole match.

  • Alright, in this game (Soul Calibur 2 that is) if either player(1 or 2) or even CPU, wins the first round. The win icon will appear. The health will reset back to 100 and the match will proceed over to round 2. In my case, i got the scores to reset back to zero if someone wins, however I can't get it to become an actual second round game.

  • Same as this pic, in Tennis Wii sports, they have a round system. Very similar to my game( The Wii tennis) , Im trying to make a 2 round system in order to win the whole match. I've been trying for months and I don't know how to do that. I need help. This is the crucial thing that will make my project an actual fun game and at least interesting and competitive.

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