Player Controles get disabled when restarting a level from a different screen

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  • Hi, hope this wasn't posted before.

    like most mobile games, I have set up my project in such a way where, once the player completes the level, they are taken to a separate game over screen and shown their star rating. If the player taps on the restart button present within this screen, they get the opportunity to replay the level. as such, once the player is taken back, the controls I have set up for the player object are completely disabled. it's only after I press the restart button, (which is present within the level), that I'm able to get back control of the player object.

    following are screenshots of some of the events that I developed.

    Can anyone help me figure out this issue? happy to provide more details if need be. Thanks in advance

  • Please share the project so it can be debugged.

  • Surething, Do you mind if I share it with you via email?

  • It's fine I had a look, it's because you deactivate the group with the controls in it, not sure why you did this.

  • Great, thanks for the update. greatly appreciate it. will make sure to look into the point that you mentioned.

  • Just went through it, you are right. It works perfectly now.

    Haven't been able to figure out why I deactivated the controls group though. thanks for your support :)

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  • If you need to disable for some reason you can enable later, just remember that the setting is global and they will remain disabled :)

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