How do i play a video in the game ??? (white screen issue)

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  • hi hi!

    I would like to play a video inside my game. I am having the issue of the video just being a white screen and not playing it.

    When I run PREVIEW it works great.

    But once I export it (windows) it does the problem of the white screen.

    At first I put it all as MP4. It did not work. After that I tried to split and did different versions (gov and wabv) and it also did not work.

    The videos do not weigh much (maximum size is 13MB)

    I have read the Video tutorial searched the forums but i couldn't find anything that actually solves the problem I did find one topic with the exact same problem as mine from 7 years ago and it didn't help.

    I'm enclosing my file here - maybe you can take a look maybe I did something wrong?

    I really appreciate your help! Thank you very much in advance!


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