How do I play an animation during load/save from a system slot?

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  • Player clicks the load game button

    I place a loading splash on the screen that has an animated sprite

    I start a 0.1 sec timer to trigger the system load function

    The timer triggers

    The program appears to hang and the anim no longer plays

    3-5 seconds pass

    the on-load event triggers

    I hide the splash screen and game resumes

    I really want there to be some kind of feedback to the player during the save/load process. I doesn't have to be an actual progress bar, but something is needed so the player does not think the program has crashed.

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  • As such, there is no download.

    You simply create a layout with minimal graphics.

    You put there your sprite with animavii.

    And you add a condition to go to the next layout after fully loading it.

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