Is there a way to play adlib music files?

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  • Hi everyone. So I've been asked to accomodate adlib music files, it's an old music tracker format.

    Apparently this is a javascript/ webaudio plugin that can play those files:

    but I have no idea how to use in inside of C3.

    Any ideas? I would kill for a tutorial on how to take all those useful javascript libraries from github and use them inside C3. Thank you!

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  • Most GitHub libraries aren’t so nice to utilize I’ve found. This one for example looks like it wants you to build the js files. Which isn’t ideal.

    Thankfully they have a demo. You can look at the page source to get the built js files and see how it’s used.

    That’s where I’d start. Usually you can strip a lot of from the examples, as construct provides some of the features.

    The demo didn’t work on my phone so maybe something is amiss with it.

    So in general to use a js library in construct you’d:

    1. Include the js files. C3 scripting I think has a way to do that. In c2 you have to load it manually.

    2. Follow the library’s docs to run some js to use it.

    3. Debugging. Some libraries are just broken, or are obsolete. Or you run into a conflicts with construct.

    I may have a look later as I seem to have recommended this library before. Will see if I find time.


    Tried fiddling with that library a bit but lost interest. It’s a bit lower level and is built around the demos player controls. It should be possible to just have it play a file but I ran out of time trying to adapt their example.

  • Thank you for trying R0J0hound! If you can't do it, I don't stand a chance. But thank you also for the tutorial, that makes a lot of sense and at least I know where to start 🥰

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