PlatformInfo.WindowInnerWidth / Height bug after mobile rotation?

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  • Hello colleagues,

    I did the following, with PlatformInfo object type:


    System -> Every tick

    Action: Set canvas size -> Width: PlatformInfo.WindowInnerWidth; Height: PlatformInfo.WindowInnerHeight

    Fullscreen mode: Off

    After running on Windows 10, Chrome, every tick the canvas adapts well to the free space after every window resizing. Also,it adapts well after iPhone 11 Pro rotation (portrait to landscape and vice versa).

    The problem arises after screen rotation on iPhone 6s, when the canvas covers only about half of the screen. iPhone 6s has the latest software (iOS 13.6).

    Did i miss something or is this a bug?

  • Just tried with Samsung mobile and works perfectly. Also, works fine on Windows.

    Seems the problem is somewhere between Construct 3 and iOS (tried on Safari and Chrome and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work, for the same code), unless I missed something.

  • Hey I have a similar bug, all of my anchored UI goes poof and returns NaN as their X or their Y, but I can't narrow down on why it happens, but it happens on certain screen resolutions and not others

    honestly I have no idea what to put in my bug report, sometimes it broke, sometimes it fine ?

  • Hi eleanorjmorel, you can report a bug on the Construct 3 Github page:

  • I don't know how to replicate or explain it

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  • You need to create a Github account first. Then click on "New issue" on the above Github link and follow the instructions to describe the bug.

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