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  • I'm working on a platform/puzzle game that involves different types of platform that create different actions for the character, I have one platform that changes character direction (character has bullet behavior) and another that changes angle, problem is i can't get the 2 to work together, I cant change the angle of the bullet behavior and can't use the platform behaviors to change direction, at the moment my character runs up the angle but doesn't change angle which is annoying any ideas around this would be very helpful

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  • Your post is quite confusing.. So your character has Bullet behavior and on collision with other sprites (let's call them "bricks" as the term platform usually means Platform behavior) you want to change character movement direction and orientation?

    Is this correct?

    You can do something like this:

    Set "Set Angle=No" in Bullet behavior properties.

    Add events:

    Character On Collision with BrickAngle -> Character set Angle to BrickAngle.NewAngleInstanceVariable

    Character On Collision with BrickDirection -> Character set Bullet Angle of Motion to BrickDirection.NewDirectionInstanceVariable

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