Where to place Rate pop ups?

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  • This is a follow up question from my earlier thread regarding the Rate pop up not working via the Share object on iOS devices.

    As it turns out the Rate pop up does work fine, the issue is with Apple and the fact that they only allow an app to display a Rate pop up 3 times per app per year. So after testing that the pop up worked several times once the app was live I’d used up my 3 times this year.

    The Rate pop up on my app was triggered via a button. Apple discourage this due to (as I’ve discovered with my app) only being allowed 3 pop ups per year and once they’re used up the button appears to be broken.

    So, where would the logical place for the Rate pop up to appear as an automated pop up rather than a button request? I’m guessing at the Game Over page when the user has just scored a high score as they’ll have a positive state of mind. However, if they score 3 high scores in a row then that’s the whole year’s 3 pop ups used up.

    What would be the best way to stagger these pop ups?

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  • Bootfit

    I would show this on the game over screen or right at the start. Then what I would have is 2 local storage keys - 1 tracks the number of times the user has opened the app (add 1 to key when app opens). Then I would have a key that tracks how many times the share has been shown (add 1 to this when you show the rate pop up.) Then what you can do is when the user has used your app so many times you show the rate screen if it has not been shown 3 times.

    Another way is use a database - that tracks the user and how many times the rate popup has been shown - this way you can reset the values remotely every year.

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