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  • Okay so I've got an issue. I'm working on a claw machine, based on the "cut the rope claw machine". When you "grab" a prize it pins it to the claw, which then drops it into the shoot. The entire thing works great, except that every time you drop the claw, it seems to lower the pins connection point. IE, if you win a prize on the 3rd try, it will then be halfway down, and no longer visually connected to the claw


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  • This is rather odd. By having each item use bullet gravity, it was somehow effecting the distance when the item was picked up. Pretty sure this is a bug.

  • You dont even have defined a conection point on your claw. The prize is pinned the tick when the claw has a certain Y coordination. Depending on the bullet speed, it can be at Y=710 but also Y=750. In other words: one tick the claw is at Y=690 and the next tick, depending on the speed, it can be way over Y=700. Where the claw is supposed to hold the prize, you can create an imagepoint and before you pin the price, you set the position of the price to that imagepoint:

    --> Prize Set Position to Claw (Imagepoint x)

    --> Pin Prize to Claw

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