My pinned object is off by .1 px when mirrored

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  • Hi, for some reason my pinned object (Bandana) is off by .1 px from the image point when the player/it is mirrored.

    I had it working before. I haven't been able to identify the problem so far.

    Any thoughts?

    Here is my .capx:

    Thank you!

  • Image point position maybe

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  • Hi Savvito, yea that's the first thing I checked and everything seems to be in the right place regarding the image points for both player animations and bandana animations.


    I've just noticed that the Bandana is off even when not mirrored.

    Edit 2:

    And this pixel is not 1x1. Could be related.

  • I've just spent another two hours trying to understand what is going on. As far as I can tell, I'm doing everything right. Are pinned objects off when mirrored regardless?

  • The guy's head is probably not exactly centred so when you mirror the guy is offset

  • it looks like a floating point error to me, I'Ve experienced this before and its kinda frustrating to fix if you want an easy fix turn on pixel rounding

  • lionz I thought it didn't matter as long as I was using image points. The documentation doesn't mention anything about having to center objects when using the pin behavior.

    eleanorjmorel I ran into issues early on when using pixel rounding and opted to have it turned off. Regardless, I tried with pixel rounding and got the same result plus some jittering when jumping. I'm worried that turning it on now will cause other problems.

    I don't know what the cause is, but I'm convinced at this point that my bandana's offset issue is related to the player sprite's width being modified on runtime.

    I am currently comparing my version 165 to my version 162. In v162 the player sprite is not deformed and the bandana is positioned properly.


    I give up. I'm reverting to my version 162 and pick up from there. Thank you for trying to help guys.

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