How do I pin these 4 sprites to together? Properly.

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  • So I have 3 objects:

    2 balls and 1 post all different objects.

    I have a box sprite I want to pin them too. The first two objects work fine but with the same logic (overlapping) the 2nd ball just wont pin.

    Also tried with group ID var to see if I couldn't get it to pin using a same var number an still is buggy.

    Any suggestions?


    Cp3 Attached

  • pick all can do it

  • Not Working. Tried pick all - ball2 +overlapping PACKSelector and it still wont pin.

    Tried even pick all - ball2 without any conditions and it wont pin to PACKSelector :(

    I'm going to go through the whole event sheet something else must be happening. Also its interesting that he other codes work for BALL1 and the Post... Though it might be because of the multi instance of BALL2 to but post has the same and it works.

    Thanks for checking

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  • You need to do this in "On start of the layout" event. Currently you re-pin these sprites on every tick, that's why it's not working.

    Also, some of your ball sprites have collisions disabled and overlapping check will not work with them.

    Finally, why are you using Construct 3 runtime for this game? It doesn't even support debug mode.

  • Hmmm yeah going to try that. Not sure how the collisions got turned off. So if I don't have have an event in an on start of layout it happens every tick - so its constantly pinning the sprite thats why it wont work? Didn't know that.

    "Finally, why are you using Construct 3 runtime for this game? It doesn't even support debug mode."

    Construct 3 has a debug mode - its hidden under the play button drop down, or are you saying that it will show up in debug better if its in the onload function


    Nope, and tried selecting on Group_ID that they both share...

    Duped BALL1 and it works fine with multi instances of that so something must be wrong with BALL2

    All items have collisions on now too.

  • Do this:


    I meant you selected "Runtime: Construct 3" in project properties. This is a new experimental runtime engine, and it's still in development. Many things still not working in it, including the debug mode.

  • OK that worked. Thank you! I didn't get good results when I first tried it but I realized that you have to enable collisions for every instance VS just the master and it worked great.

    Haven't had any problems with the C3 runtime but I will set it back to C2 if you think that makes things more stable.


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