How do I pin to a specific sprite when multiple similar sprite exist ?

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  • Hello ! I am new to Construct 3 and trying to do a cooking game. I want to pin my ingredient on my plate but every time an ingredient is pin on a new plate every other ingredient pined on the new one instead of staying on their original designated plate. (do I make sense ?)

    Exemple, potato(1) is pinned on plate(1)

    potato(2) is pinned on plate(2) but potato(1) get pinned on plate(2) too !


  • You need to 'pick' the one instance to pin to the plate. If you don't specify it will pin all instances. This could be like 'potato on dropped : pin to plate' this then picks the one that was dropped etc.

  • thank you for your fast reponse ! It's a really good idea ! I tried it but then my second potato doesn't pin to the second plate, i'm not really sure what to do next

  • Need to see a screenshot of the events the pin logic mainly :)

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  • I'm french so Assiette means plate and Purée means mashed potatoes x)

    Thank you so much for your help !

  • Yes so because the condition is 'potato is visible' it will pick all visible ones and pin it. You need to pick a condition that defines the single potato, this can be if it is overlapping the plate or something.

  • Ok, I tried with something dropped and it works perfectly well ! Thank you so much !

    My potatoes can't be dropped because they spawn on the plate immediately but I'll just change the plate animation and add the potatoes directly on the plate sprite, I should have through of that earlier...

    Thank you for your help !

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