pin object problem and showing visible object

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  • hi,

    i created an spr_invSlot which as frames and an instance variable called "SlotID"

    i made an object which is my character window, and on this window has 10 gear icons pinned to it which is the spr_invSlot

    and when i start layout, it shows it perfectly and the objects are pinned to it.

    Now my problem is that, I made another object if i click this button it opens the object, well it does show the object so that works perfectly.

    But on this object it should have one object pinned to it, which is the spr_invSlot frame 19, if click button it opens window and has this object pinned to it. it doesn't show the object at all,

    idk what is wrong, i did exactly what i did to my other object but it doesn't work with this one.

    Is it because the spr_invSlot can only be pin to one object ???

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  • *hits myself*

    just found my problem @

    its working now

  • ugh...another damn problem.

    spr_invSlot is now showing, visible at right position.

    But now my window object ain't showing at all, i set it visible and set it at right position, nothing works.

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