How do I pin the debugger in place?

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  • Everytime I want to debug I have to keep :

    -un docking the debugger,

    -dragging it to scale it,

    -dragging the game window to resize it

    -and then select the watch window

    Is there not a way I can just have this all happen automatically as the last state I left it in? It's actually quite a lot of time wasted and its very annoying.


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  • Am I the only one that finds this incredibly annoying? Maybe it because I'm working on a portrait game the debug window always needs to be popped out for it to be of any use. I imagine in landscape this isn't an issue.

    It would help my life a great deal if the window could maintain its state between refreshes or restarts.

    Even when hitting refresh the debug window will pop back into its original place and reset its tab back to inspector rather than watch. Really annoying.

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