After picking random object from a family can I find out what object it is?

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  • Hi,

    I'm using "Pick a random FAMILYNAME instance" to pick a random object. The object could be one of any 10 different object types.

    I want the object to do a behaviour that is attached to the object rather than the family (they all have different ones). I can't see any way to figure out what object has been selected though. Is it possible? If not has anybody used a different solution to do this?


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  • You can get the object name using Family.ObjectNameName

    But if you need to run a behavior that is added to the object, and not to the family, you will need to pick the object instance. You can do this:

    Zombie Pick by unique ID = EnemiesFamily.UID
    .. Zobmie Restart Fade
    Vampire Pick by unique ID = EnemiesFamily.UID
    .. Vampire Enable Bullet
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