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  • Hello,

    I'm trying to make it so that if breakable blocks holding water are broken, the water will empty from one room and into the next. I planned to do it in a similar way to how I made levers that triggered sliding doors in my last level. Here's a picture of that event.

    Here's the one for the flood event.

    Even though that event worked for the sliding doors, I haven't been able to get it to work for the floods. If I break the block it doesn't do anything. Also, I've been messing around with it and some weird stuff happens. If I set the value to does not equal, all the wave objects in the level travel to their destinationy value with all of the objects pinned to them, which makes sense. But I tried setting it to pick waves equal to 1, which is the value of the floodid of one of the wave objects that I want to make move, and it will move the wave object, but not the water object and water collision pinned to it.

    Hopefully that makes sense. If anyone knows what going on I'd appreciate the help.



  • Then my guess is the breakable block ID doesnt match anything else. The issue with the pinned object is probably something else, my guess is that all of the objects are pinned to the same instance of wave because you didnt specify how to pin them.

  • I checked the pinning stuff and that's definitely it. It only pins to one instance of the waves. I messed around with it and couldn't get them to pin to separate wave instances. How would I do that? I tried using an overlap command to specify that it pins to the one it's touching but that didn't seem to work.

    Both the floodid on the breakable block and the waves match, so I'm still not exactly sure what's happening there. Here's a capx if you want to take a look.


    If you move to the right of where the player is and go to the next room, the far yellow block is what should trigger the flooding event.

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  • It's just a common mistake where in your mind you think it would pick the nearest one, but on the left conditions you can specify this - pick nearest, or pick overlapping if they are doing this, or another way is to put them in a container.

  • Got it. Thank you!

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