How do I pick another instance of an object in an event ?

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  • Hello ! I have the feeling that the answer to my question is easy but I'm really stuck so I prefer to ask.

    I want to create situations in which my character could use an open door to be "teleported" to its twin, here from open door A to closed door B. By doing so, the player will open up the door B and it will be also usable in the opposite way (from B to A).

    These doors are the same object playing a different animation. By opening the door B, this one will play the "open" animation, that's all. In a level, I can have several doors but they work in pairs only. That's why I use a "channel" which is an instance variable to be able to "link" two doors between them only and not with other doors. By using the open door A channel 1, the player will only reach the door B channel 1. Same for channel 2 and so on...

    My question is : how can I create an event in which the player is overlapping a door of channel X and to select the other door which has the same channel to define the position of the character on it ?

    I hope that I'm clear ! Thanks a lot for your future answers.

  • Not sure exactly what you mean with the question but you can pick the first door by saying player is overlapping door, and you can pick the second door when you have used the instance variable and set position to it.

  • Pretty much what lionz said. Here's a quick example!AkmrWgxeuxlKhIdSWpzUfIuKxYrRPQ

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  • Thanks a lot for your answers and for the .c3p file, it is very useful !

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